Become a Visitor

This page lays out eligibility requirements, funding information and other details, as well as contact and application information.

EligibilityResearchers who hold the rank of full-time professor at a recognized post-secondary institution.Researchers who have completed advanced academic or professional work beyond a doctor’s degree, and do not hold the position of full-time professor.Researchers enrolled in a program of study at their home institution and not enrolled in courses at York University.
Duration1 to 12 months1 to 12 months1 to 12 months
Application Process
Submit an application
Must be invited by NathansonMust be invited by Nathanson

Learn more at York University’s Post-Doctoral Fellows website.
Faculty sponsor required. Must be invited by a Nathanson Research Associate (see list here)

Learn more at York International’s IVRT website.
FundingResearch stipend (with the amount determined by the Director)Post-Doctoral Visitors 
Must be funded by an Osgoode faculty member.

Post-Doctoral Fellows 
Must secure external funding.
None provided; visitors must secure their own funding.

To be considered for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship or Visiting Fellowship, please submit an application.  

Note: The Nathanson Centre cannot provide advice on immigration matters. Please reach out to your local Canadian Visa office or York International for information.

Mandatory UHIP Enrollment – see details.

If you have questions, please contact Lielle Gonsalves via email.