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The Nathanson Centre fosters cross-disciplinary research into issues of human rights, crime and security, bringing together diverse perspectives and insights around a common goal: addressing inequality.


Congratulations to Nathanson visiting fellow Inbar Peled (PhD, law) recipient of the 2024 Thesis and Dissertation Prize by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Through her project “Professionalizing Discrimination:  Legal Actors and the Struggle Against Racialized Policing in Multicultural Societies”, Peled examines the role of lawyers in perpetuating racialized police violence in multicultural societies. While much of the work on racialized police killing and police violence focuses on the police themselves, the role of lawyers in enabling these incidents […]

"Exploring LGBTQ+ equality in India: A comprehensive examination from anthropological and legal perspectives"

This article delves into the multifaceted dimensions of LGBTQ+ rights in India, drawing insights from both anthropological research and legal analysis. It offers a nuanced understanding of the challenges and progress towards equality in the Indian context. Read More

Canada is falling behind on curbing corporate abuses

Globe and Mail. Barnali Choudhury is a professor of law at Osgoode Hall Law School and director of the Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights, Crime & Security. In recent weeks, the international community has been involved in a flurry of activity in shaping corporate responsibility for sustainability. For example, at the United Nations Forum […]

The Increasing Regulation of Business for their Human Rights Impacts – Or Emet Lecture

Professor Robert McCorquodale Summary by Sophie Sklar On October 26th 2023, as part of the Nathanson Center’s annual Or Emet Lecture, Osgoode Hall was pleased to host Professor Robert McCorquodale. Professor McCorquodale brought to the lecture his expertise and experience as part of the United Nations Working Group on Business and Human Rights. This working […]

Call for applications – Visiting Fellows

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How to apply

The application process for Nathanson Centre Graduate Fellowships is detailed in a call for applications that we issue each year — typically in early August. You can download the most recent call for applications by clicking the button below.




Conference on “Artificial Intelligence and the Law: New Challenges and Possibilities for Fundamental Human Rights and Security”

Due to the labour disruption at York University this conference will now be ONLINE ONLY.  Sorry for the inconvenience The Jack and Mae Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights, Crime, and Security will hold a conference titled “Artificial Intelligence and the Law: New Challenges and Possibilities for Fundamental Human Rights and Security”, on March 13, […]

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Postponed Book Release Pitfall: The Race to Mine the World’s Most Vulnerable Places (Greystone Books, Vancouver) | HYBRID

Sorry for the inconvenience.  This talk has been postponed until further notice. Christopher Pollon will discuss his new book, which highlights nine mining projects from around the globe and reflects on what a future with less mining might look at. Christopher Pollon is an award-winning Canadian freelance journalist who as been published by National Geographic, […]

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Documentary screening of Climate Migration and the Urban Environment: Dhaka’s Story of Development and Disaster

Nathanson Fellow Mara Mahmud’s documentay explores climate migration, urban development crises.   To culminate the research for her master of environmental studies in York’s Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change, York student Mara Mahmud along with photographer and videographer Emily Bruno embarked on 30 days of fieldwork in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There, they filmed and conducted interviews […]

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If you’re a Master’s or doctoral student at York University conducting research related to the Nathanson Centre’s purpose, you may be eligible for a fellowship.

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The Nathanson Centre welcomes visiting and postdoctoral fellows from around the world, supporting timely, relevant research in our areas of focus.

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We partner with other research centres, academic institutions, governments and a range of organizations on collaborative studies, conferences and other initiatives.

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If you work in law, business or the media and are seeking insights on issues of human rights, crime and security, we’ll connect you with a Nathanson Centre expert.