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The Nathanson Centre fosters cross-disciplinary research into issues of human rights, crime and security, bringing together diverse perspectives and insights around a common goal: addressing inequality.


Event Recap - The Legal Implications of the Metaverse

Article by Sophie Sklar On March 9, 2023, the Nathanson Center hosted the symposium event, “The Legal Implications of the Metaverse”. This symposium brought together scholars from across Osgoode Hall to think about technology and the law and reflect on how the law can respond to the next generation of emerging technologies. This included discussions […]

Our New Virtual Home

Welcome to the redesigned Nathanson Centre website. Our aim in refreshing the site is to increase the visibility of the various activities we pursue at the Centre, as well as to showcase the exciting and important work being conducted by Nathanson members, affiliates and fellows. This marks the beginning of a new chapter at Nathanson, […]

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Can Disasters Be Managed?

In his new book All Is Well: Catastrophe and the Making of the Normal State, Prof. Saptarishi Bandopadhyay argues that “disaster management” is based on a flawed understanding of what disasters actually are and their underlying causes. Disasters are all around us. We see them as exceptional occurrences that destroy human life, property and resources. And for […]

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Questioning the Police

Michael Postiglione, a PhD candidate at York University and a Nathanson Graduate Fellow, is focusing his research on “Policing the Urban: The Establishment of Authority in Ontario’s Municipal Police Forces, 1890–1918.” He offers this overview of his work and its link to current discussions around police oversight, funding and accountability: “The police do what is […]

Call for applications – Visiting Fellows

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How to apply

The application process for Nathanson Centre Graduate Fellowships is detailed in a call for applications that we issue each year — typically in early August. You can download the most recent call for applications by clicking the button below.




Human Rights and Pluralism: Fresh Perspectives and New Directions A Research Panel with Nathanson Centre Fellows

Human Rights and Pluralism: Fresh Perspectives and New Directions A Research Panel with Nathanson Centre Fellows Featuring Syed Muhammad Azeem, Sanja Dragić, Lovepreet Kaur & Miriam Zucker 22 March 2023, 12:30-2:20PM(ET) | Hybrid in-person/virtual

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The Legal Implications of the Metaverse

The Metaverse, a new form of interaction in cyberspace, is attracting public attention due to significant investments by major companies. It includes augmented reality, 3D technology, avatars, and digital marketplaces. The development of the Metaverse raises numerous hugely relevant legal issues, including constitutional, criminal, tax, contract, IP, and labour law ones. It will have critical […]

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Weather and work: how climate change relates to workers’ rights

A workshop presented by ILA-Canada in partnership with the Nathanson Centre at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University. The fight against climate change is multifaceted as it involves transcending borders and involves many different stakeholders. Workers who complete their work obligations in the outdoors will be impacted by climate change in a more severe manner […]

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If you’re a Master’s or doctoral student at York University conducting research related to the Nathanson Centre’s purpose, you may be eligible for a fellowship.

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The Nathanson Centre welcomes visiting and postdoctoral fellows from around the world, supporting timely, relevant research in our areas of focus.

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We partner with other research centres, academic institutions, governments and a range of organizations on collaborative studies, conferences and other initiatives.

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If you work in law, business or the media and are seeking insights on issues of human rights, crime and security, we’ll connect you with a Nathanson Centre expert.