Organized Crime Activities

Organized Crime Activities

Organized Auto Theft


Cyber Crime

  • Internet Crime
    News stories and blogs from
  • Cyber Crime
    From the FBI web site, includes overview, cyber threats and scams, key priorities, enforcement, specific cases, protection and links to other web sites
    Web site of the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the U.S. Department of Justice. Includes extensive information on hacking, intellectual property crime, and “cybercrime.”
  • Cybercrime: Key links
    From the Australian Institute of Criminology, includes definitions and general information, theft, fraud and financial crime, illegal internet content, investigative and policing issues, other published resources, websites, agencies and organisations, online victimisation, and prevention guides
  • Internet Fraud Watch
    A National Consumers League web site, which helps consumers distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent promotions on the Internet. This web page offers prevention advice, lists the latest Internet-based scams, and provides a On-line Incident Report Form to report Internet fraud in the United States or Canada.
  • Communications Fraud Control Association
    Official web site of the CFCA, a non- profit international educational association working to combat telecommunications fraud. Includes quarterly journal, fraud alerts, and handbook to prevent toll fraud.
  • Computer Crime Research Center
    Includes news, events, articles, legislations, links, and an archive

Drug Trafficking

Canada’s Marijuana Industry

Economic Crime

Counterfeiting (Currency and Product Piracy)

Currency Counterfeiting

Product Counterfeiting/Piracy/Copyright Infringement


  • Common Fraud Schemes
    From the FBI
  • White collar crime: An Overview
    Legal definitions of white collar crime, including various criminal offences that fall within this omnibus term. Courtesy of Cornell University, Legal Information Institute
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
    Includes information, statistics and recent media stories on fraud
  • Crimes of Persuasion
    Provides description of information on a wide range of fraud schemes, under such headings as consumer fraud, telemarketing fraud, business opportunity scams, money problem scams, work-at-home; includes links to other relevant sites
  • Scams and Swindles
    Links to media articles, mostly dealing with white collar crime.
  • Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre
    Information on the latest scams, statistics on fraud, including identity theft
  • Fraud Alert
    Web site of the London Metropolitan police; includes information on a wide variety of frauds

Enforcement and Victim Complaints

Securities Fraud

Cheque (Check) Fraud

  • Cheque fraud
    From Wikipedia
  • National Check Fraud Center
    Web site offering assistance, information, and alerts regarding counterfeit checks, forgery, check fraud, bank fraud and other forms of white collar crimes. Includes an on-line reporting mechanism

Identity Theft/Fraud

Mass Marketing Fraud

Securities Fraud

Environmental Crimes

  • Environmental Crime
    Overview provided by Interpol, including its response
  • Environmental Investigation Agency
    The EIA is an independent, international organization committed to investigating and exposing environmental crime. This web site contains full text of all EIA reports, and news and updates on campaigns.

Gambling and Bookmaking

Labour Racketeering

Loan Sharking

Money Laundering

Smuggling and Contraband Markets

Contraband Markets

Smuggling of and Trafficking in Arms and Nuclear Materials

Migrant Smuggling/Trafficking in People

Smuggling and Trafficking in Wildlife

Smuggling Enforcement