Research Streams

Reseach Streams

The Philosophy of Transnational Justice

The Philosophy research stream seeks to  to address emerging issues at the intersection of transnationalism, law, and philosophy in a sustained, systematic, and analytic manner. It builds on York’s strengths in legal, political, and moral philosophy, and centres around key issues, including: (1) The impact of social diversity and transnationalism on social organization, justice, and law; (2) The uncertainty of the rule of law, customary norms, and morality in contexts of war, terrorism, and other public emergencies, domestic and international; (3) The erosion of state sovereignty and its impact on the general theory of state and law; (4) The possible forms of transnational wrongdoing and liability (moral, political, and legal); (5) The possible shapes of responsibility, individual, shared, and collective, for transnational wrongdoing; (6) Avenues of remediation for wrongdoing with salient transnational components; and (7) The value and nature of human rights in national and transnational settings.

Critical Approaches to International Law, Human Rights, and Security

The Critical Approaches research stream seeks to bring together the wide constellation of York/Osgoode researchers using critical methodologies to refine our understanding of the themes at the three themes at the core of the Centre’s mandate. Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL), pragmatic approaches to international, critical legal studies and international relations theory, social theory, political economy, critical race theory, and feminist legal theory constitute the core of the research program of the stream, though it is not limited to them

Public Policy and Current Transnational Affairs

The Public Police and Current Affairs research stream seeks to provide a platform for public discussion, debate, and research of unfolding domestic and international events that engage one or more of the three thematic pillars of the Centre–namely, human rights, crime, and security.

Crime and Security: At Home and Abroad

For its first decade, the Nathanson Centre was the Nathanson Centre on Organized Crime and Corruption. The Crime and Security research stream continues some of key aspects of the work of the original Centre, focusing on questions of transnational crime, organized crime, policing, and rule of law. This stream now also seeks to bring together the wider network of scholars working on criminal justice generally at York and Osgoode, and to foster inter-disciplinary conversations between them and the rest of the world. Its work starts from the growing realization that stronger connections among diverse criminal justice scholars are essential if we are to identify trends and parallels between jurisdictions and issues with criminal dimensions, as well as effectively diagnose cross-cutting systemic failures and provide timely and promising policy solutions.