Named Lectures

Named Lectures

‘Or ‘Emet Lecture

The ‘Or ‘Emet Fund was established in 1976 to promote the study of law in the broadest sense. The Fund seeks to promote through public discussion, research and scholarly writing, public and professional appreciation of the significance of religion, ethics, culture and history in the development of the legal system. “’Or ‘Emet” means the light of truth. In 2010, the Nathanson Centre pooled its resources with the ‘Or ‘Emet fund to ensure that the lecture would be delivered on an annual basis. As a result, the themes explored in the lecture are now also connected to the mandate of the Centre.

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Oputa Lecture

The Oputa Lecture is named in honour of Chukwudifu Akunne Oputa, former Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, and most recently the Chair of the Human Rights Investigation Commission. Justice Oputa launched the Supreme Court of Nigeria into its golden age in the 1980s and left an indelible mark on its jurisprudence. The Oputa Lectures provide a forum in which Africans who are involved with governance on the continent can interact and exchange ideas with the York University community and the larger Canadian audience, to the mutual benefit of both Canada and African societies, on the challenges and triumphs of governance on the continent.

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