Nathanson Centre Research Associate Nergis Canefe’s art on display at McLaughlin College

Nergis Canefe’s art on display at McLaughlin College

Immediately after the Refugee Rights Day in Canada ceremonies, there was the official opening of York political science Professor Nergis Canefe’s art exhibit in the McLaughlin College Art Gallery and Screening Room, 001 McLaughlin College. The art exhibit features a multimedia collection of Canefe’s most recent work. The title of her exhibition is The Road Less Travelled and it includes sketches and line drawings that she created in response to the widely circulated images of the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean following events of the Arab Spring.

“The canvasses are prepared by using mixed media and the ephemeral quality of many of the images is deliberate and is intended to depict the unfinished nature of refugee life stories,” said Canefe. “Refugees are oftentimes invisible as they undertake their courageous long journeys to unknown destinations.”

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