Call for papers “Power(s) in Palestine”

Power(s) in Palestine

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ALSAJDEYA Dima (Paris II / Collège de France)
CECCALDI François (EHESS / Collège de France)
DABED Emilio (Osgoode Hall Law School, Nathanson Center, York University, Toronto)

Over the past two decades a great deal of research on the question of Palestine has pointed to a
fragmentation of the Palestinian political landscape1, divisions exacerbated by the Oslo Accords.2 The
ensuing establishment of the Palestinian Authority (PA), in particular, fostered the emergence of new
political dynamics and new sources of power and legitimacy, embodied in the conflict between Fatah
and Hamas that has dominated Palestinian politics since 2007. The creation of the PA also encouraged
a process of capital accumulation and a restructuring of social classes after 1993.3 Moreover, the
dispersion of Palestinians across the world, the superposition of national and international legal
realities and the diversity of actors in the conflict have contributed to the multiplication of sources
and resources of power. This complex set of factors has prompted questions regarding new sources,
mechanisms and flows of power in Palestine, as well as resultant dynamics. Such new forms of power
can be illustrated in several ways.