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April 2020

Axworthy, Charest, Okafor and Studin: Canada must defend its international civil servants against attack

By Lloyd Axworthy, Jean Charest,Obiora Okafor and Irvin Studin Amidst the ever-growing coronavirus pandemic and emergency, Canadians might have missed a recent, largely unprecedented statement…Read More +

February 2020

Dr. Gregory Brown Nathanson Post Doctoral Fellow’s interview with the Montreal Gazette

The mayor and opposition councillors in C.D.N.-N.D.G. are pressing Montreal police to back down on its decision to close Station 11. MARIAN SCOTT, MONTREAL…Read More +

September 2019

Beyond the Rhetoric: Mainstreaming Gender in the ECOWAS Peace and Security Architecture

With a long history of a troubled backyard, ECOWAS needs to modify its strategies to ensure effectiveness. This requires a bespoke and innovative approach…Read More +

August 2019

The Nathanson Centre is sad to report the passing of its founding Director, Professor Margaret Beare

Margaret Evelyn Beare Ph.D. December 17, 1946 - August 10, 2019 Read More +