Jamie Rowen on “Immigration: The Hidden Arm of International Criminal Law”

Room 2010, Osgoode Hall Law School, Ignat Kaneff Building

Immigration: The Hidden Arm of International Criminal Law

Jamie Rowen is Assistant Professor of Legal Studies and Political Science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. After earning a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from UC Berkeley (2004), she pursued a PhD (2012) and JD (2009) from Berkeley School of Law, focusing on the development of international criminal law and transitional justice in disparate political settings. She was a doctoral fellow at the American Bar Foundation in 2012-2013. Prior to her current position in legal studies at UMass, Dr. Rowen taught in the Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies at the University of Toronto. Dr. Rowen’s current research examines the confluence of domestic immigration and international criminal law within the Department of Homeland Security, as well as the experience of U.S. veterans in the criminal justice system.


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