Chase Madar on “Reforming the U.S. Criminal Justice System: Shrinkage or Expansion?”

Room 4034, Osgoode Hall Law School, Ignat Kaneff Building

Reforming the U.S. Criminal Justice System: Shrinkage or Expansion?

Chase Madar is an attorney and journalist in New York. He is the
author of The Passion of Chelsea Manning: The Story behind the Wikileaks
Whistleblower (Verso) and a contributor to the New York Times,
Guardian, London Review of Books, Nation, American Conservative,
Jacobin, Times Literary Supplement and other venues. A graduate of
Stanford and NYU Law School, he has lectured widely on law and
society from Oxford to San Diego State, Occupy Wall Street and the
Mississippi state capitol. He recently taught a seminar on
criminalization at Wallkill Correctional Facility through the NYU Prison
Education Program.


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