Graduate Fellows (PhD)

Tylor Bergman

Political Science
Tylor Bergman photo

Tylor is a Ph.D. student in Political Science focusing on Genocide perpetration by individuals of either thought or thoughtless intention via the normative lens of Hannah Arendt. His research is to determine the role of the State in perpetuating Banality amongst Canadians regarding Indigenous Genocide. Tylor began his international experience in the Warzone between Russian-backed South Ossetia and the Republic of Georgia in 2009. After this, he moved to the city of “Stalingrad”. Tylor spent years being active within the Russian Academic community and specializes in understanding Russian mentality from the viewpoint of a Western-educated scholar. Tylor focuses on Indigenous issues by focusing on the practicalities of active reconciliation measures. He focuses more on the realities of genocide perpetration and reconciliation over general themes of decolonization, which he views as a standardized form of collective guilt. He is recognized for his teaching and lecturing experience in Israel, The Russian Federation, the Republic of Georgia, and the EU.