Graduate Fellows (PhD)

David Semaan

David Semaan photo

David Semaan is a PhD candidate in the department of Politics at York University. His research focuses on the developments in algorithmic surveillance in Canadian police departments. He also research the global trade in surveillance AI technology between Canada and Israel that justify securitization and settler colonial sovereignty. He has also worked closely with queer communities in Canada. Specifically, he asks ‘How are the developments in predictive analytics in Canadian police departments extending the white supremacist coloniality of the nation state through the modality of data surveillance to consolidate settler sovereignty?’. Forthcoming publications include a chapter titled “Radical Pedagogies for the Present: Vignettes on decolonial feminist potentials in the classroom” appearing in the edited book ‘Feministing in Political Science: A Manifesta for Change in the Academy’. David has another forthcoming article appearing in Journal of Middle Eastern Women Studies titled ‘Against the Order of Nature’: Complicities in Algorithmic surveillance between SWANA and the Global North reflecting his latest work on challenging algorithmic imperialism through abolitionist and anti-Zionist research. He has published a short op-ed in the Conversation Canada in 2022, informed