Transnational Crime Research Node

For its first decade, the Nathanson Centre was the Nathanson Centre on Organized Crime and Corruption.  Its mandate reflected the Centre’s name, but, virtually from the beginning, the scope (and indeed focus) of study was transnational and not simply Canadian.  “Transnational” is used primarily in the sense of phenomena (and related regulatory issues) that are linked across states’ jurisdictional boundaries, but also in the sense of comparative perspectives on what are or appear to be national or local issues.

When the Centre became the Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights, Crime and Security and adopted a corresponding broadened mandate, the study of transnational crime was retained as a pillar of the new Centre.  The research activities of former Nathanson Centre Director Margaret Beare (Professor of Law and Sociology) and of Professor James Sheptycki (Department of Social Sciences, York, and Program in Criminology) now constitute the core of the Nathanson Centre’s Transnational Crime Research Node.