Workshop on Media Suppression: Life and Livelihood (March 2010)

Video of the Media Suppression Conference

On March 16, 2010, the Nathanson Centre co-hosted with IP Osgoode a Workshop on Media Suppression. The Workshop consisted of four sessions:

Session 1: Digital Rights Contracts
(Chair: Pina D’Agostino; Panelists: Kirk Baert, Wendy Crawley, and Wendy Matheson)
Session 2: The Thaw of Libel Chill
(Chair: Pina D’Agostino; Panelists: Elaine Dewar, Heather Robertson, and Paul Schabas)
Session 3: The Role of Internet Giants in Totalitarian States
(Chair: François Tanguay-Renaud; Panelists: Stephane Leman-Langlois and Ronald Deibert)
Session 4 : Legal Recourse for the Murder, Kidnapping and Torture of Journalists
(Chair: François Tanguay-Renaud; Panelists: Jayne Stoyles and John Terry)

Stuart Freen Comment on the Media Suppression Workshop Panels

Overview of the Media Suppression Workshop by Stuart Freen on IP Osgoode’s blog