Graduate Fellowships

Every year, the Nathanson Centre awards Nathanson Fellowships to Graduate students (candidates for Masters or Doctoral degrees at York) whose thesis or dissertation closely relates to the mandate of the Centre.

Nathanson Fellows are expected to participate actively in the collegial activities of the Nathanson Centre, in a way symbiotic with their research and their training for possible careers in the academy. From time to time, fellows are offered opportunities to volunteer their time and ideas in ways that contribute to the endeavours of the Centre and its associate researchers.

The number of fellowships awarded every year is at the discretion of the Director of the Centre, and is generally decided before the start of each academic year, in light of the financial situation and priorities of the Centre for that year.

Fellowships are awarded through two routes. First, top entry-level graduate applicants to York who believe that their proposed work fits the mandate of the Centre may contact it to be considered for an entry-level fellowship. Such awards may be made on a rolling basis. Fellowships are also normally awarded in the Fall term of each academic year to top students already enrolled in a York graduate research program. A call for applications is normally circulated in early September and applications are due by a specified date (ideally but not invariably, by the end of September).

All applications are first and foremost judged on a combination of the fit between the applicant’s graduate work and the Centre’s mandate, and the merit demonstrated by the candidate’s record and application.

A list of past and current Nathanson Graduate Fellows is available here.