Quarterly Summaries of Recent Events: Organized Crime in Canada

Book Cover 2015 Criminal Conspiracies

Now Available: Criminal Conspiracies (2nd Edition) by Margaret Beare.

Written by one of Canada’s foremost authorities on organized crime, Criminal Conspiracies is a well-rounded and concise introduction to organized crime in this country. Fully revised to include recent research findings and examples, this text offers a thoroughly up-to-date and insightful view into the largely hidden world of organized crime. The book’s critical approach challenges readers’ preconceived notions of organized crime and examines the various ways in which organized crime is defined, theorized, and confronted. The second edition includes coverage of hot-button issues such as human trafficking, child pornography, cybercrime, gambling, and illicit drug markets in Canada to help readers understand the real-world impact of organized crime.

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Professor Stephen Schneider of St. Mary’s University produces quarterly summaries for the Nathanson Centre on the latest developments concerning organized crime and its enforcement in Canada.

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Links to other web sites with up-to-date reports on organized crime in Canada and internationally:

News Releases (Canada)

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Academic and Research Organizations

  • Transnational Crime and Corruption Center – An institute at George Mason University dedicated to research on trends in organized crime and corruption, emphasizing transnational OC, human trafficking, weapons smuggling, money laundering, drug trafficking.
  • TransCrime – Research group on transnational crime, based out of the University of Trento (Italy).

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